Water Supplies & Services (WS&S)

Water Supplies & Services (WS&S) supplies clean pure drinking water to address the market opportunity created by this limited infrastructure and supply. The water is provided in bulk and at a very competitive price.


Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available water resources to meet the demands of water usage within a region. It already affects every continent and around 2.8 billion people around the world at least one month out of every year. More than 1.2 billion people lack access to clean drinking water.

Water scarcity – Science Daily

At WS&S we strive to ensure as many people, as practical, have access to treated, safe potable water. We are cognizant of the need for sustainable water choices being available. That is why we at WS&S support the many initiatives being rolled out globally by Water.org to supply potable water to under‑developed countries both now and for the future.


Quality and compliance

Water products supplied by WS&S are certified as compliant with, but not limited to, these Standards and Guidelines:

  • The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG)
  • Australia Standard/New Zealand Standard: AS/NZS
  • National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA)
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • ISO2006 International Standard
  • National Standard Method: Health Protection Agency (2005)
  • American Public Health Association: APHA Standard Methods
  • Indian Standard for Drinking Water as per BIS specifications (IS 10500-1991)
  • National Standard of the People’s Republic of China. GB 5749-2006
  • WHO – Water safety and quality, Drinking water quality guidelines.

Chemical performance in detail

Chemical (health) performance

Chemical (aesthetic) performance

Commercial Packaging

Water product supplied by WS&S is available in typical bottled form (500ml, 1.0 Litre, 1.5 litre per unit) and other available bottled size products, subject to minimum quantities agreements.

The greatest economic value is in WS&S supplying its water in a safely packaged bulk form, 24,000 litre containers in accordance with Food Quality Shipping Container Guidelines to the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry’s Container Certification Requirements.

Water product supplied by WS&S is comprised of 2 commercial considerations:

  1. Head Water Rate (HWR), this cost per litre to be paid by the purchaser for volumes to be shipped a month in advance of shipping date.
  2. Security Water Access Charge (SWAC), this is the charge paid to WS&S for those wishing to secure a contracted long term reliable supply chain. It is calculated using the volume and   term, it is expressed as a percentage of the per Litre HWR multiplied by the Volume to be secured.

Clean pure drinking water in bulk delivery

WS&S supplies bulk water in 24,000 litre lots in either:

  • food grade bladders housed in 20ft shipping containers; or
  • ISO tank containers.

This provides you with the choice to either:

  • access the water directly from the delivery module to re-sell or re-supply in bulk


  • decant into containers of your choosing ie. hand bottles, 20 litre containers, and other suitable options to suit your market requirements.

WS&S works with you to provide bulk clean drinking water in bulk via a documented commercial agreement.

The agreement specifies:

  • agreed market boundaries
  • agreed minimum volumes per month
  • agreed contract duration
  • the supply and service arrangements
  • price (see table below)

The supply contract with WS&S is individually tailored to address the needs of your market.

Technical supply of pure clean drinking water

The bulk water is provided to you in internationally accepted transportation modes. The technical details are as follows:

Clean Container Grade (CC) 20ft Sea Container

Provided by you to WS&S (we will deliver and collect)

Each container meets the AFFA requirements and inspection practices:

  • No obnoxious odours
  • No flaking paint
  • No transferable internal rust
  • No transferable floor stains
  • Clean and dry floor
  • No cargo residue
  • No infestation

Options for water storage/delivery vessel

  • 24,000ltr safe fill (single trip) poly bladder
  • ISO Vessels

Delivery vessel items are provided by you to WS&S in advance of the agreed transport date; however, WS&S is committed to assist all clients in achieving a seamless, practical and affordable outcome.

WS&S will provide your chosen vessels and have them delivered to the production facility at the Port of Brisbane. This Vessel Supply Service is available for the provision fee of 6% of the individual customer Head Water Rate.

A price, product, and packaging that encourages resale and bulk purchases.