Portable Secure Storage Containers

We convert shipping containers to multi-purpose, secure, portable storage units for commercial, domestic, industrial, and civil construction sites.

Customised shipping containers can be delivered in a variety of sizes, including multi-level stacks and interlocking side by side configurations, including attached office and amenities if required.

Roller doors can be installed in the side walls and/or end walls for easy forklift access.
Liners, insulation, and exterior and interior lights can added as required.

DOS Mobile Storage Containers are adaptable and used for multiple purposes

  • Ideal long term or temporary use
  • Easy to move to other locations if required
  • Use for secure on-site tool and/or equipment storage
  • Excellent work area/workshop
  • Emergency shelters
  • Studios
  • Food Supply Storage
  • Files, Books, Business Record Storage
  • Sports equipment storage
  • Boat, car, truck, motorcycle, tractor storage
  • Wine, Vintner Storage