SITETANK® is a patented and proven Australian product, which is a bulk water storage tank and holds approximately 30,000 litres.

SITETANK® is a safe product to store bulk water because the water tank is securely encased in a strongly constructed shipping container. SITETANK® has two lockable front doors and a lockable roof service hatch. To protect from unwanted tampering.

On-Site Industrial Water Tanks

SITETANK – Industrial Tanks are an excellent way to store and transport all types of potable water, wastewater, fuel, diesel, jet fuel, chemicals, transformer oil, gasses, and many others.

Industrial Tanks can be configured to suit the liquid being stored, including special bladders, liners, and finishes

DOS SITETANK – Industrial Tanks are converted from ISO shipping containers making them ideal for on-site liquid storage solutions for construction sites, mining camps, horticulture, remote off-grid areas, or emergency use.

Turn-key solutions are available for site accommodation, amenity blocks, camp kitchens, and onsite water supply.

All DOS SITETANK – Industrial Tanks are designed for easy transport and on-site hook-up. Simply plug-in to local supply, or we can provide solar power, batteries, generators, and pump systems for off-grid use.

  • Ideal long term or temporary use
  • Strong, solid base design, for easy on-site placement, ready for use
  • Our systems can be quickly disconnected and relocated to a new location as required.
  • Connect to local power and pumps units, or DOS can supply off-grid power
  • Energy saving modes are integrated to reduce energy costs
  • All units are fitted to the level required by the user, including pumps, filters, controllers, special liners, etc.
  • These units operate with minimum noise factor, as the plant is enclosed within a secure steel container