Amenity & Toilet Block Containers

DOS amenity blocks and site offices are constructed using clean, certified shipping containers. You tell us what you need, and we will configure, deliver and set up a turnkey system to your site.

Amenity blocks can accommodate separate male/female, or unisex facilities, including pre-fitted toilets, sinks, showers, and heaters.

We can transport and arrange on-site placement and setup, with connections to existing electricity, water, and sewage outlet, or supply full turnkey system, including sewerage waste system/treatment plant, bulk water holding tanks, and electricity generators.

Our design includes:

  • Strong, solid base design, for easy on-site placement, ready for use
  • Built-in anti-vandal security,  low maintenance, fully ventilated.
  • Lined and insulated walls with easy clean surfaces and floors
  • Expandable to meet increased demand
  • Built in energy saving modes to reduce energy costs
  • Relocatable to new location as required