SITETANK® is a patented and proven Australian product, which is a bulk water storage tank and holds approximately 30,000 litres.

SITETANK® is a safe product to store bulk water because the water tank is securely encased in a strongly constructed shipping container. SITETANK® has two lockable front doors and a lockable roof service hatch. To protect from unwanted tampering.

Storage Tanks and Accommodation Containers

SITETANK® - Industrial Tanks

SITETANK – Industrial Tanks are an excellent way to store and transport all types of potable water, wastewater, fuel, diesel, jet fuel, chemicals, transformer oil, gasses, and many others.


Mobile Sewage Plants

Wastewater treatment plants are preinstalled and customised in shipping containers – turnkey solutions adaptable for use in isolated, remote, and off the grid areas, such as construction sites, mining sites.

Site Accommodation Containers

Mobile on-site accommodation and office units for construction sites, mining camps, remote off-grid areas, or emergency or domestic accommodation – office use, with kitchen, toilet and shower facilities.

Mobile Storage Containers

Convert shipping containers to multi-purpose, secure, portable storage units for commercial, domestic, industrial, and civil construction sites. Roller doors can be installed in the side walls and/or end walls.

Amenity Toilet Block Containers

Amenity blocks can accommodate separate male/female, or unisex facilities, including pre-fitted toilets, sinks, showers, and heaters. We will configure, deliver and set up a turnkey system to your site.

Water Services - Bulk Water Delivery

Supply bulk water cartage service and tank fills for domestic, commercial and Civil works throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Our water supply is guaranteed fresh, clean, approved drinking water.

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